About DonateDentist.org

We exist because dentistry is invisible. When your teeth don't hurt, you don't think about them, and when they do, you can't think about anything else! Sadly, that's the situation for millions of poor persons locally and around the world, but there are no dentists where they live or they can’t afford dental treatment, so suffering is their constant companion.

DonateDentist.org was started in 2011 by the founders of RecordLinc Inc. We have helped many people who couldn’t afford proper dental care get the help they needed by finding a dentist in their area or dentists that are willing to donate their time to help the underprivileged. We work with various other non-profits and philanthropic organizations in the dental industry to find the right dental resources by using our vast network of dental professionals.


Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with public and nonprofit organizations to identify and implement solutions that address specific problems, particularly in the area of oral health.
We direct our efforts to organizations and initiatives that address a unique and targeted community need related to:

  • Oral & general health: Promote oral health and health education programs and activities that empower individual action and safety;
  • Children: Increase access to health services for underserved, low income and at risk children;
  • Education: Support education institutions and initiatives that strengthen the communities we serve; and
  • Community: Build community capacity - particularly to improve the overall health and vitality of our communities.

Our Beginning

DonateDentist.org was founded by dentists and dental health professionals who were concerned with the state of dental health among the world’s underprivileged, particularly within this current economic climate. Maintaining good dental health is one of the most important factors in overall health and disease prevention, yet it is often the first thing that is overlooked when funds aren’t readily available. All too often, neglect and inattention to proper dental health will lead to considerably more harmful and costly consequences.